Terry Bittker Caring Committee

The Washington Society of Jewish Deaf (WSJD) Terry Bittker Caring Committee (CC) was established to provide support and resources to our community in times of need. Jewish law says all Jews should do G’milut Chasadim – deeds of loving kindness. This is why WSJD established the Terry Bittker Caring Committee to carry out this Jewish law. The Terry Bittker Caring Committee is made up of volunteers who support the WSJD community.

Terry Bittker, namesake of theCaring Committee

History of the Terry Bittker Caring Committee

In 2015, Terry Bittker conceived the idea of a WSJD Caring Committee and brought it to the attention of the WSJD Board for consideration. Terry’s idea received unanimous approval. Terry understood that WSJD, like many religious organizations, needed a place where our members could find guidance on life cycle events from a Jewish perspective in times of sadness and joy from people from within our community who understand our specific needs.  She knew the kind of assistance our members of all ages might seek: information about Jewish rituals, contacts for interpreters, counselors or religious leaders who understand our culture, and support during unexpected or ongoing situations.

Sadly, Terry passed away on May 25, 2019.  Members of the Caring Committee who worked closely with Terry and admired her sensitivity to the needs within our community wanted to honor Terry’s memory.

The WSJD Caring Committee was renamed the “Terry Bittker Caring Committee.”   At its February 23, 2020 meeting, the board of the Washington Society of Jewish Deaf approved the Caring Committee’s members’ request to rename the committee in Terry’s memory. 

The Terry Bittker Caring Committee reflects Terry’s vision and tells our members, now and in the future, that it was Terry Bittker who not only conceived the idea but brought it to fruition. We dedicate ourselves to honoring her memory.

The Terry Bittker Caring Committee supports the WSJD community by....


WSJD members and/or their families with volunteers as available.


helpful resources and information.

How to Contact the Terry Bittker Caring Committee?

Please communicate with us! If you wish to volunteer for the TB-CC, request support for yourself, or inform the TB-CC of a person/family in need or celebrating a special event, or for any other reason, send an email to wsjdcc@gmail.com.

All information is held in strict confidence. Without your help, we won’t know if someone needs help.

Interested in Volunteering?

Please consider becoming a part of our volunteer network. We always need more volunteers. Volunteers will be notified when support is needed. It will be up to you to decide if you’re able to assist at that time.